Sarah Windsor here. I am a queer writer of queer stories – romance, fantasy, cyberpunk, usually a hybrid of these. (My cats like boxes. I don’t.) I write stories about tender hearts surviving hard worlds, unlikely kindred spirits, and love that upends the status quo. That’s a fancy way of saying I write gay smut. Fanfiction too. If you like stories about men falling in love with each other, you’ve come to the right place!

Here you’ll find a serialized novel, self-contained short stories, M/M romance book reviews, and news about my published works.

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The Walled City: Updates on the 1st of each month

In a magic-wrecked world, the walled city is the last bastion of safety. Here, reality follows its old laws and magic is anathema. March is a shy chemist who struggles to fit into the city’s rigid and xenophobic society. His lover, Berthold, is magic-touched and dying. In his quest to cure Berthold, March risks exile, uncovers the city’s secrets, and studies forbidden magic. He learns that the gods who wrecked the world are not dead, and their wars are not over. March must decide whether to keep everyone safe in ignorance or else pursue the truth and endanger the city in order to save the man he loves.