Sarah Windsor here. I am a queer writer of queer stories – romance, fantasy, cyberpunk, usually a hybrid of these. (My cats like boxes. I don’t.) I write stories about tender hearts surviving hard worlds, unlikely kindred spirits, and love that upends the status quo. That’s a fancy way of saying I write gay smut. Fan fiction too! If you like stories about men falling in love with each other, you’ve come to the right place!

On this blog you’ll find short stories, fan fics, snippets from my Patreon novel, queer book reviews, and news about my published works.

My current Patreon projectGrintide and Gloaming, is:

  • m/m fantasy (with some f/enby romance as well!)
  • rivals-to-lovers
  • gruff, cinnamon roll warrior meets wary, touch-starved herbalist
  • for fans of Mushishi and Ancient Magus Bride

You can follow the story for just $1 a month!

Find me on Twitter @Windsor_Writes